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"Like a Good Wife" Playlist

As is my habit, when I write I pick music that helps me vibe in a particular scene or reminds me of the characters, then I play them to death! It's not unheard of for me to listen to one song on repeat for hours. I find it soothing and it helps me concentrate. It has to be the right song though. The wrong song will distract me or pull me out of the moment.

Brooke Waggoner's "To Love" played a HUGE part in the writing of Ames' story. I listened to it on repeat, it became their song, it even became part of their first Christmas. I found it at the end of a youtube rabbit trails and was surprised to find, when I looked her up, that she lives in Nashville and teaches at Lipscomb University where I went and met my husband! Talk about a small world. I'm currently talking with her, hammering out the details, to get the rights to share the lyrics in the story -- that's how important it is to me! Fingers crossed everything works out before publication. I'd hate to have to vaguely refer to the song instead of giving the actual words.

If you have access and want to listen to my personal playlist on Amazon Music, you can find it here. You can also look up the playlists on the playlist tab here, on my website, and listen to the songs however you choose.

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