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Content Warning/Trigger Warning:

  • parental loss

  • past intimate partner abuse discussed

  • anxiety rep

Intentional Acts of Kindness

My world was falling apart when a beautiful stranger pressed a warm cup of coffee into my hands before leaving me with my sorrow and the memory of her eyes. I'm only in town temporarily, in no position to be looking for more, but I can't stop thinking about her.

And then we run into each other again.

And again.


Until I'm helping with her charity for survivors of domestic abuse just to be close to her, volunteering my time for a glimpse of Ivy Hammond's kindness in action.


Ivy has reason to be slow to trust and wary of men. And I have a job waiting for me back home. But all I want is to be someone she trusts.


What if I can show Ivy that she's safe with me?

What if I stay?

The author would like you to know:

  • if you don't like swearing

  • if sexy banter isn't your thing

  • if you prefer angst and dark romance

  • if you want sex to fade to black, behind closed doors

  • if you don't like your heroines curvy and your heroes tattooed

  • if you don't like community and found family

  • if you're not into emotional growth and adult relationships

This might not be the book for you.

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