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Like a Good Wife

I'm still not entirely sure how I got here. It's a little unreal that this real-life Ken doll with the melt-me Southern accent even wanted to talk to me, but now he's offering a way to take care of everything that's been worrying me. What's a little fake marriage between new friends? 

I mean, I've been thinking about him for months and our chemistry is off the charts! All we have to do is convince everyone around us this is real.


I can act like a good wife. No big deal. But what about when it all starts to feel too real? Am I brave enough to risk falling for my husband? 

Content Warning/Trigger Warning:

  • past parental alcoholism discussed

  • breast cancer

  • anxiety & depression

The author would like you to know:

  • if you don't like swearing

  • if sexy banter isn't your thing

  • if you think "military romance" means special ops 

  • if you prefer angst and dark romance

  • if you want sex to fade to black, behind closed doors

  • if you don't like community and found family

  • if you're not into emotional growth and adult relationships

This might not be the book for you.

O‘ahu Naval Officers Series* Book 2

*The O‘ahu Naval Officers Series books are all stand-alones. You can read them on their own, in any order BUT you'll enjoy them more, with more character background and development, if you read them in order.

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