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Content Warning/Trigger Warning:

  • some discussions of child abuse (main character works for Child Welfare Services)

  • stalking

  • physical assault by stalker

The Wrong Sister

Simms brothers duet book 1

I’m back home on O‘ahu after years away at school. I’ve got my best friend and my sister close by and my childhood dream job working for child welfare services! All my hard work has paid off and I have everything I need right here.

What I don’t need is my childhood dream guy, the literal boy next door, my best friend’s freaking brother, showing up as the lawyer I have to work with. Especially not looking as good as he does while suddenly looking at me like I’m a woman instead of some bratty kid!

Griffin may be all grown up, but at his core, he’s still the careful, dutiful guy who never saw me, but felt our families expected him to pursue my older sister. What’s the point of instant red-hot chemistry and shared passions if I’m always going to be the second choice? I’m woman enough to fight for what I want, but just once I’d like to be the one worth fighting for.

What will it take to show him that I'm not the wrong sister?

The author would like you to know:

  • if you don't like swearing

  • if sexy banter isn't your thing

  • if you prefer angst and dark romance

  • if you want sex to fade to black, behind closed doors

  • if you don't like your heroines fiery and your heroes perfectly pressed

  • if you're not into emotional growth and adult relationships

This might not be the book for you.

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