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You're Simply the Best!

I'm still trying to come to terms with my baby novella being out in the world! It's so crazy and awesome to know that people are reading about Fern and Deacon and falling for them as hard as I did! Thank you so much, dear readers, for giving me a chance!

There's a lot on the horizon! I'm prepping my first full-length book, Norah's story, "Like a Good Neighbor." That means I'm deep in the trenches of final edits. There's also the cover, the blurb, author headshots, my newsletter... my ADHD brain is tied to my calendar right now so I don't miss anything!

Where does that leave you, my friends and first readers? Hopefully anxiously awaiting Norah Pierson's love story! In the meantime, the biggest, most helpful and WONDERFUL you can do for me is leave a review!

On Amazon, you are required to leave a small number of words with a star review. Or, if you're on Goodreads, you can leave just a star review, a written review, or both! Everything helps! As a reader, if I'm considering a book from a new-to-me-author, the first thing I do is check reviews so I know what kind of story I'm in for. Good or bad, knowing what other readers thought helps me.

Shout out to my friend Beth! I love her for a myriad of reasons and now added to that list is the fact that she is will forever be immortalized as my first book review! I took a screenshot of this bad boy and will keep it forever! That's scrapbook material baby!

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