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Solo Adventures

Last week I went on a solo adventure to San Francisco! It was the first time I've left the Hawaiian islands since we moved here almost 7 years ago! I was supposed to take this same trip in March of 2020, to see Hamilton, but the show was the week after everything shut down. I'm so grateful that I was able to reschedule everything and try again, 18 months later!

It was quite a whirlwind trip! I took a red-eye from Honolulu to Seattle (because I was cashing in a voucher, I was limited in what I could choose and there were no direct flights) where I got no sleep at all. At 3:30 am my time, I made my way to my next gate, ate some breakfast, and waited for my 2 hour flight to San Francisco. It definitely gave me some story ideas!

The trip was mainly to see Hamilton, and it DID NOT DISAPPOINT! I know, I know, most people who wanted to have already seen it, but it has never been anywhere near me so this was my first opportunity. I cannot even describe how incredible it was to be in a theater, especially seeing this show!

The rest of my quick trip I ate good food, walked A TON (10 miles in 2 days), wandered book stores, and worked. The peace of my stuffy hotel room was a nice environment to do a lot of writing and editing.

Hands down, the weirdest thing about my trip was the compliments. For whatever reason, my vibe hits way differently in San Francisco! Not at all in a poor pity me way, just being totally honest, I don't tend to get noticed like that. People often forget that we've met! Or maybe I give off a strong "leave me alone" vibe. I don't know. Legit, the only time in my life a guy blatantly flirted with me and asked for my phone number, he later called and asked if I thought my sister would be interested in him. Ha ha ha! So it was beyond weird that all I heard while out walking was "hey beautiful" and "where you headed pretty lady" and "looking good!" So. Weird. I had a lady pull up to a red light and yell out her window that my tattoos were beautiful and she loved my whole look. Two older ladies, separately, stopped me walking in Fillmore, to tell me how much they loved my outfit. I was feeling the love!

On the writing front, I'm in the home stretch! I have a sexy cover I can't wait to share and my book is with my fav editor for a final polish! It's so close I can taste it! I hope you guys are as excited as I am about Norah and Ka‘eo's story!

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