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Small Packages

This summer I read a completely forgettable joke or comment about a guy with a small penis and immediately, without prompting, the idea for a love story where the hero is afraid to reveal that he's less-than-well-endowed popped into my head and wouldn't leave. It started as a joke, I swear. I mean, how funny is a holiday micropenis romance called "Small Packages"??

Except the more I thought about it, the more I knew I HAD to write it. I started to wonder, how would an otherwise sweet, smart, caring guy compensate if he was afraid of rejection because of his size? And what kind of woman would fall for him? Enter Bex and Matthew. I felt positive that the only way my hero could avoid being the butt of a million jokes was by spending his dating life focusing solely on the lady. And maybe our heroine wouldn't notice, right away, because she has her own reasons to be confused by social situations.

In the end, I completely fell in love with both Matthew and Bex and I really hope you do too!

Small Packages has:

  • a nerdy, sweet Filipino scientist hero

  • ASD naval officer heroine

  • multicultural romance set in Hawaii

  • more of Everett Dawes from the ONO series

  • O‘ahu through Halloween, Thanksgiving, and a little Christmas

  • super steamy

Buy it now in paperback or ebook!

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