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Location, location, location!

When I'm writing about home, I like to use real locations of places I love!

It makes the story come alive for me and it's fun to share home with you guys! Plus, for readers that I know in real life, it can be like a cool little easter egg. Just like my prequel novella, "One Night in Waikiki," my newest full length book, "Like a Good Neighbor" is set on the Island of O‘ahu. This time though, most of the action takes place on the windward side, right here in our hometown of Kaneohe! In fact, the neighborhood where Norah lives is based on mine and her story grew from a real life situation!

The house next to ours was bought last year by an Air Force family with 4 small kids. They're awesome! Our kids play together, we shared Thankgiving and New Years with them, we will be so bummed when they go to their next duty station!

This special, secret spot plays a very important role in Norah's story! I can't wait for you to get your hands on "Like a Good Neighbor" to see what I'm talking about! Even better, not only is it important in this story, but it pops up again when we see Norah and Ka‘eo in book 2 of the series!

I've even hopped on the swing myself!

There's also a HUGE, pivotal scene that takes places here, at the Makapu‘u tide pools. Let's just say things get steamy...

Ka‘eo is a photographer. He and Norah have crazy chemistry. And they live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet! As soon as I started this book I knew there was going to be a sexy photo shoot.

It's not hyperbole when I tell you I CANNOT WAIT for you to read this one!

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