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"Like a Good Neighbor" Inspo

One question I get asked a lot is, "Where do you get your ideas?" I'll admit, inspiration can come from the most random places!

For example, "Like a Good Neighbor" grew from my real life neighborhood. We live off of a dead-end street and our driveway branches from that road. There are a lot of other houses, though, that branch off from a communal driveway and are set behind other houses, not visible from the road or tucked up on the hill. About a year ago, the house next door to us was bought from an Air Force family from Michigan. They're awesome! Our kids get along and we've shared meals on holidays, walking up their long driveway with food and staying late talking.

On one such visit, we got to talking about the house nestled behind theirs. It's occupied by a group of young guys, likely junior officers. They have growly muscle cars, rumbling motorcycles, and apparently like to party. Their house lines up on the corner by the kids' bedrooms and our neighbors were complaining about how frustrating it can be trying to get their kids to bed on the weekends when these guys are partying it up. We were eating pie, the kids were running around their house (it's at least double the size of ours and NICE) and all I could think about was 'what if someone went over to complain about the noise and inadvertently meet their match?' The story idea went through A LOT of changes before it got to its final version, but that little seed became "Like a Good Neighbor."

Have you read it yet? (You can get it here.) If so, have you considered leaving a review? I'd be so super grateful if you would!

Right now I'm waiting impatiently to get Ames' book back from beta readers before it's ready for editing! In the meantime, I've been re-reading and tweaking Jameson's book and working on a fun holiday novella set in the ONO world that I'm hoping to release in November!

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