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From MIA to On the Way!

Burnout is REAL! Between my brain needing a full-on, all-out break and real life stressors, your girl kind of fell off the map.

I fully intended Everett's story, the final O‘ahu Naval Officers Series book, to be the next release. That was the plan. Except I cannot write. I just can't. I'm halfway through his book and needed to set it aside and let it breathe. Forcing things never works for me.

But that doesn't mean nothing good is coming up.

While I'm not ready to release Everett's book, I am ready to share the book of my heart!

"Intentional Acts of Kindness" is the first book I wrote. I love it and its characters so much! I've been anxious for you to meet them for more than a year now.

Get ready to leave sunny Hawaii for Virginia. This book has first love between a curvy doula and a tattooed artist, found family, granny curses, a feisty yoga class, and finding strength after life knocks you down.

If you've been with me a while, you know the drill: coming up we'll have a cover reveal, my book playlist, and maybe some character art before release day.

I can't wait for you to fall for Miles and Ivy!

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