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Cover Reveal!

It's finally here!

The completed cover for "Like a Good Neighbor" is live and I could not be happier with it!

If you follow me on facebook, you may have seen that a friend of a friend offered his photo for me to use. Unfortunately, the quality of the photo was too low for the resolution required so I couldn't use it. I had THE HARDEST time finding a stock photo with an actual Pacific Islander! I actually went as far as editing an image to try to make it work before my husband went on an Instagram search and told me I should just ask a guy he found.

So, I slid into a Samoan fitness dude's DM's, asked if he'd consider being on the cover of my book, and he agreed!

I wanted to share this on my author's page and promote the book, but my facebook account was hacked and I'm currently locked out. I apologize if you've tried to get in touch! You can always contact me here, through instagram or by email. Hopefully they'll get it cleared up soon. It's all very frustrating!

"Like a Good Neighbor" will be released on 9/14/21!

If you're a Kindle Unlimited reader, it will be available there, on that date!

If you pre-order the ebook, it's only $4.99! After release day, the price goes up.

And as soon as final edits are completed, I'll be submitting it for paperback formatting, so that will be an option as well!

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