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Cover Reveal!

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Here's the first look at the cover for "One Night in Waikiki."

It's almost time to share this novella with the world! I'm so excited for you to meet Fern & Deacon! This quick read is an introduction to my O‘ahu Naval Officers Series. Here's a little excerpt to wet your whistle!

“So that was your ex, huh? The Snaggletooth guy you told me about? Why exactly does he call you something unkind and unflattering while trying to get you to see him again?” I open her door for her, waiting to shut it until she’s sitting.

“He doesn’t mean it that way. It’s just, you know, my overlapping teeth and orange hair.” She gestures towards herself flippantly. I frown.

“Except it’s critical and unnecessary. You have a great smile and your hair is not orange. If he likes you, why wouldn’t he make it a point to tell you the things about you that he’s into instead of making you the butt of an inside joke?” She squirms in her seat, knotting her fingers together. I navigate us out of the parking lot and head off base.

“He could have called you Freyja, the Norse goddess of love and beauty. She was also called The Shining One and is a redhead that’s been worshipped throughout history for her beauty and wisdom. He could have come up with something that would always remind you of something intimate between the two of you.” I reach across and gently pull her hands apart, weaving our fingers together. She squeezes lightly, angling her body towards me.

“Hell, he could outright compliment you, foregoing the juvenile nicknames completely. Instead he chose to belittle you. If it were me, I might point out that your eyes are the color of the Irish moss that grows in Louisville. I could mention any number of things I like about your body. It would be hard to choose only one, Fern.” She dips her head slightly, a light pink flush blooming on her cheeks. “Maybe I’d admit that I find you effortlessly sexy and I’ve replayed Saturday night a thousand times in my head. But that’s just me. I was never the guy who pulled a girl’s pigtails to get her to notice me. My Mamaw always told me a spoonful of honey was more effective than a gallon of vinegar.”

“You’re certainly generous with the honey.” I sneak a glance at her while stopped at a red light. She’s no longer tense and there’s a soft smile on her lips. Mamaw is always right.

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